Film webpage here: https://www.jadedoskowdocumentary.com/

In 2021, Philip Shane’s documentary was released, ‘Jade Doskow, Photographer of Lost Utopias.’ The film has won international acclaim and has screened at such prestigious institutions as the Asheville Art Museum, International Center of Photography, and the School of Visual Arts. 

“A unique and remarkable insight.”

– Charles H. Traub, Photographer, Author, Chair of SVA MFA Photo

Architectural works from past world’s fair expositions are aspirational visions. Most of these fantastical structures were meant to be temporary, but dozens of examples still remain.

Filmmaker Philip Shane follows architectural landscape photographer Jade Doskow on her 10-year quest to capture the monumental world’s fair echoes that remain worldwide. Lugging around her bulky, 4x5-inch large-format film camera, she travels to many cities across the globe, such as Paris, New York, Brussels, Montreal, Seville, Chicago and Seattle, among others. Rather than focus strictly on the subjects of the photos, Shane provides an insider’s look into the artist’s painstaking process of setting up precise vantage points for each building, taking a handful of frames at each location, then spending weeks or months on the digital editing process, careful to highlight subtle shadings and color patterns to create the perfect, immaculate print.

Jade Doskow: Photographer of Lost Utopias takes the viewer on a journey through the mind of an artist struggling to navigate between the practical demands of her personal life and the hyper-idealistic relics of a future never fully realized.

Trailer: JADE DOSKOW, Photographer Of Lost Utopias from Philip Shane on Vimeo.

You can see Philip, Andrew Moore, and I in conversation at the School of Visual Arts: